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How to stamp an electronic invoice in Java

Input data.

This version needs the stamping URL, the Token [or user and password] and an stamped XML.

Output data.

  • Version 4
    • CFDI (with TFD)
    • CadenaOriginalSat
    • noCertificadoSat
    • noCertificadoCFDI
    • UUID
    • selloSAT
    • selloCFDI
    • fechaTimbrado
    • QRCode

Token Use

Get an  Access Token using our librariesor alternatively use the Infinite Token


Username: demo
Password: 123456789 

Steps to stamps and electronic invoice using the Java SDK

  • Step1:
    Create a new project in Eclipse
  • Step 2:
    Create a class or a function to make the stamping.
  • Step 3:
    Inside the code of our project we should call the stamping of an XML.
  • Step 4
    Now you are able to see the response variable with the response of stamping service.

    • Example of a response with an error
    • Example of a response with success

You can download the class that we used for this example in the following link.

Updated on julio 29, 2020

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