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Stamping Version 4

This version of Stamping  returns the following fields: CFDI, CadenaOriginalSAT, noCertificadoSat, noCertificadoCFDI, UUID, selloSAT, selloCFDI, fechaTimbrado  and QRCode.
Stampíng CFDI V4 receives a stamped digital Document in string or bytes, subsequently returns the complement digital tax stamp correspondent to the XML sent it to stamp or if there’s anything wrong it would return an exception detailing the error of the validation.

Steps to stamp an electronic invoice:


The electronic invoice, must be issued and stamped with the new  standards of the CFDI 3.3 version. if you are not acquainted yet, or you want to know more about it, we invite you to read the CFDI 3.3 section.

HTTP Request and Response

The following section shows examples about the HTTP Request and their respective HTTP response to this version of stamping.

Response codes

The more common codes that can be received in the REST Requests are the following:

  • 200: It means that the request was successful and the invoice was stamped correctly.
  • 400: It means that there was an error in the request of the service,  generally are comprobante structure mistakes.
  • 401: it means that there was an authorization error, generally that occurs because the token or the user and password are incorrect.
  • 404: It means that the stamping path couldn’t be found, generally is because the URL provided to the REST service is wrong.

HTTP Request

HTTP Response 200

HTTP Response 400

HTTP Response 401

 HTTP Response 404

Stamp with our libraries

If you are using  the example XML from the repository  is possible that you get the expired date message, which indicates that the procedure was correctly, however the XML is expired, so don’t worry is a normal thing.  .

To make the integration with our services we suggest to use POSTMAN, it makes easier to make the tests before to code.
You can import the POSTMAN-collection file so you can make functional test of our service.

Updated on julio 31, 2020

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